In my sophomore year of college I dated this really charming black girl for a few months. I first spied her in the ‘computer lab’ which at the time was something of a novelty on campus; part typing room part limited color palette on screens type of place. She asked me for a pen. I shit you not. She asked me for a pen – and from there we got chatting, and went out for drinks that night. We didn’t fuck on the first date but she sure was flirty, and it only took a few rounds with her – sweet, southern-style hospitality! – to get her to show me her absolutely huge ta-tas. I mean these things were fucking BIG – she was big – but these tits were mind-bogglingly big! Like you could put my head in between them and not see my head big, they smothered me so much! And as sweet and young as she was, as soft-spoken and kind in her day-to-day activities, she was the first honey I ever saw who, without assistance, performed one of these:


The tittystack technique!!

Previously, I had to do that to see what it looked like, with any of the women I messed around with. But this babe, she knew what I wanted to see, and she showed me! I mean incredible. Instant hard-on, and she knew it.

All these years later and Holly Himalayas is the much much cuter, much more smiley, incredibly sexy spitting image of her – stacked beyond belief, with a great assortment of outfits and styles to her shots. And a good foot-long length of cleavage from her two absolutely Huge Ta-Tas! What I wouldn’t give to put that smile on Holly’s face and keep it there with my, shall we call it, enthusiasm ;)