Filipino-born Danish model Julia Abenes has some really big tits, if that wasn’t already apparent! Her 90cm bust translates to a 35G bra – I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Actually, I’m certain she’s just making that up but I’ll roll with it because it’s so unique and exotic! Sadly, Julia isn’t the best tease, and has avowed that she is married and has only and will only ever have sex with her husband. Not that I’m criticizing her, that’s totally her opinion. But I don’t think a way to win over fans is to exclaim “NO MEN NO NO NO MEN” on your myspace, and tell them to forget about ever thinking of having her in bed. I mean, isn’t that sort of the point of wanting to be a glamour model, especially one who shows tits and pussy quite frequently – to have people (usually men) drool and fantasize about you? Maybe something got lost in translation, she does speak/write 4 languages after all. The video below is even from one of her own blogs – seems she’s tried the social media thing a couple of times but keeps getting deleted or believed to be a fake boober person.


  • John Francis

    Very nice indeed

  • Rutonen

    Absolutely hideous. Hard plastic balls on a stick. This has nothing to do with celebrating the female form. It’s like a caricature or farce.

    A new low.

  • admin

    @Rutonen, everyone has an opinion! loL!

  • @boobiesub

    I hate fake boobs. She is totally unappealing.

  • admin

    and yet for all the natural boobs I post here, you people never say nothing! Hah.

  • fake boobs are nice to see on a picture, but not too big,

    but in real life i realize i don’t care about how big the breasts are a cute face is more appealing to me

  • admin

    my feeling is that if I was given the opportunity, I’d take it. For the experience. In the end if her boobs were too difficult to look at I’d just fuck her doggy anyways (it’s happened before you know).

  • mark

    absolutely amazing stop whining fake is better

  • CA

    What a beauty………..and the bigger the fakes are, the better for me ;)………….

  • Pft you said she isn’t planning on fucking anyone other than her husband I just read an interview where she said she wants to work with the guys at Brazzers so either its a fake interview or she lied to you.I would fuck the shit out of this bitch who cares if her tits are fake pussy is pussy/