Okay okay so Anorei and her 38P-cup natural knockers aren’t anything new to Introduce, but even I hadn’t been following along, and it turns out that the name ‘Anorei Collins’ has been trademarked out of her control, and so she’s now establishing herself and her new website under the moniker Lexxxi Luxe – the 38P tits are still there! Still, shocking how greedy people can be, and this upsets me not so much because there’s plenty of other material of Lexxxi at other sites as Anorei (specifically XL Girls and Big Tits Glamour) but Lexxxi, as Anorei, was one of the few models so far to make me a fansign – so what, am I supposed to change the fansign because her name is copyrighted? WTF!

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  • Bob

    Nasty teeth. Like putting you dick in an ash tray.

  • tstportal

    Wouldn’t be the first time…