Marvelously not 4 times larger around the waistline than her expansive 51-inch natural bust, Brazilian sinsation Luuh Souza has curves and knows how to show them. Her video below, while not revealing anything other than a footlong of cleavage produced by her two giant orbs of tit, was banned from YouTube, which sort of catapulted her into the limelight – not to mention she has two giant orbs of tit! Hopefully her years ahead will give us much more to talk about – for now I’ll fill in the blanks with my throbbing imagination:

from Luuh’s own dailymotion account:


WOW, right. Wait, you mean there’s more? Well this one is short-and-sweet, from Luuh’s own YouTube channel which clearly got overwhelmed with boob-trolls, and most of the videos have been removed. This one persists, and well, love the shirt, and yes it does:

PS, if you speak Portuguese, feel free to ask her anything.
and who doesn’t have a Facebook these days?

  • Bryanclark2006

    Love ur boob we need more videos wit bra