Introducing Natasha Kizmet


A few years ago there was another tit-sensation that came to prominence if only for a hot second – but there’s more to her story than what was first revealed. Natasha Kizmet’s ‘bodypainting’ series as tribute to Peyton Manning blew up on lots of channels, if not least because of her super-sized rack but because football and tits are a truly great combo! But it turns out Natasha had other plans, and thankfully wasn’t just a one-hit wonder. She’s since gone on – or already was but it’s new to me – produce her own quite well-managed website (showcasing her 34E-for-Enhanced breasticles), but most of all what’s amazing is she stars in her own ‘Borat with Boobs‘ feature-length film online! (Seriously it’s 86 minutes long!) Like, what?! Most models simply don’t do this – but Natasha is clearly not like the rest (in more ways than one – in two ways, specifically, called ‘left boob’ and ‘right boob’ like whoah!).

Here’s her Manning tribute shots:

As a Denver resident, I have fallen in love with Peyton Manning! The combination of his being a great quarterback, and such a smart classy person is amazing! What could I, Natasha Kizmet do to honor him? Why not donate my body to Body Painting Artist extraordinaire Andy Anderson ( and let him work his magic. The realistic detail is mind boggling – and it is all paint on skin! Our editor gave us 2 different vibes – we liked them both, so here they are! Here is Gerli’s link.