I have ‘Introducing’ posts lined up for the rest of the year pretty much, so now I just have to decide when to press publish. I’ve been sitting on Nikki Sotelo for far too long, and it’s best to get the word out there about her, just because. This Japanese & Filipina is also mixed with some Puerto Rican, and lives in Hawaii of all places. The sound of all those things is so exotic to me I can only imagine her native beauty. Thankfully I can travel anywhere anytime on this interboobweb of mine, and right now I’m on the beach, I hear the sound of waves and birds, and I’m staring at Nikki’s fit curves and I hear that belly-charm of hers making a high-pitch clank. That’s just me getting started. My imagination runs wild like this every minute. Thankfully my imagination doesn’t have to do all the work – or yours for that matter. Because if you did deep enough, or you know, click this link, you’ll see Nikki’s perkers in their big, bountiful glory (nice rump too!).

Here she is on instagram; and an interview with this Scorpio.