Introducing Rockell and her 36G Starbux

Heather, is that you? The year was 1990 – good god was that 26 years ago? – and I met this dame Heather at a club. Perfectly eye-level with me, I’d seen her before and she wore loose-fitting shirts and not too-terribly tight anything else. And she make-up’d her eyes in a way that just made them appear … BIG. A lot of dark encircled her eyes, but the white of her eyes gleamed in the club’s lights, complemented by her emerald green iris. I could tell she was big-breasted but it was the fall and she was wearing more layers than not and it was hard to get a read on just how big. Then one moment I forget if she dropped something or went to reach for something in her bag, but she was wearing this fuzzy grey sweater and she leaned over to get whatever, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I got a full-on view of some ample tits and even a bit of nipple to top it off. I literally licked my lips as she sat back up and … well let’s just say that was an era when it was more acceptable at clubs to get ‘locked’ in a bathroom stall while others knocked on the door, “Hey hurry up in there!”

Heather was the spitting image of Rockell Starbux, with a slight overbite and lushingly straight hair, always straight, never curly.

But Rockell is with us now, and I can just imagine the deeds she’s capable of. She’s rocketed up over the years, from small spreads and indy shoots to PinupFiles and you might have recognized her first-name-only portfolio at Scoreland – I mean perfect 36G tits, simply perfect. I appreciate her more when she’s only the slightly plump side, with a bit of stomach chub – her breasts fill out nicely then and she holds herself well in those shots. But, I’m actually not picky, and I’d do her +/- 50lbs. in either direction loL!!

  • HonestInfo

    Nah, she’s nothing to write home about, nothing sepecial at all!