Stephanie made a big splash for a hot minute many years back – and she’s since disappeared. Photographed by Ohio-area amateur photographers she even went topless after her ‘pinup’ debut. She had all the potential – with the uniquely cut look that was sultry as well as nerdy when she wanted it, girl next door attitude, and of course a full 41G bosom – but then didn’t really pursue the possibilities. Which raises the question, where is she now?

I love myself and my body, and I am passionate about creating thought-provoking art. I am hard-working and tenacious. I am inquisitive. I want to know what makes a photograph beautiful, and I will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.

My breasts are natural, full, and low. I have a few tattoos, and more in progress. My skin is very pale. My weight fluctuates. I am imperfect. I am totally willing to travel if it is possible for me financially.

Here is a bit about what I am wanting to try: I love the natural look, and I also love wild make-up. I love nudes, but I also love costumes. I love happy, candid photos, and serious ones, too. Dress me in gore, gauze, tulle, mud, paint, or glitter. Stuff my mouth with flowers or mushrooms. Tie me up. Put a knife to my breast. Let’s make something inspiring. A friend recently said that a photograph has never moved him, and he generally finds photography to be the most lacking art form. Please, let’s take a picture that will change his mind. Let’s create something powerful.