Introducing (the Forgotten) CocaineGirlz

I used to follow CocaineGirlz back when she maintained a Twitter account, and back then I wanted to turn these e-stumble-upon boobers I find into “Introducing” segments here on HiBoobs. With CocaineGirlz my feelings were always mixed. On the one hand, errr in the one hand, I want to lift that huge heavy bosom of hers, I want more more more. In the other hand, I think her send-me-money-for-more-shots approach is flawed, and per her own comment below that approach doesn’t have any longevity. Maybe that’s the point, but I think she could be at least taking more-crisp photos even if she only plans to be a one-hit wonderboobs sensation. Here’s what she had to say about having huge tits and whatnot on a not-so-popular tumblr blog:

“I’m really not looking to get into porn b/c it’s an industry that doesn’t have longevity, I really just started doing this as a hobby and a way to make a few extra dollars. I’m always looking for girls who want to get promoted that’s more my end goal, to have an agency that girls can come to and have more opportunities than just being in porn.”

“The best thing bout having big boobs is that I always get starred at, ever since I was 16 they have been a Double D. Can you just imagine a little teenage whitegirl w boobs so I’ve always gotten attention from them.”

“Sexually I like to plz a man, rub em on his chest and make my way down, unstrap my bra and let them sit on his penis & let them gently touch his ballsack.”

Fast-forward a few years and she’s gone, it’s all gone. So what does it matter? Who knows if she even still hast tits?!?