So I think there are three types of models – okay there are LOTS of types, but for the sake of argument let’s break it down: there are your pop and glam models, thin sticks with angle-cut features; there are your absolute monster big-tit models, and let’s be honest no one cares what their other features are because those tits are HUGE; and then there are a special breed of classy ladies who manage to have exotic looks, fine skin, sex appeal and most-importantly: BIG TITS. Toni Lynn from Showgirlz Exclusive – and I hope other studios – is definitely the latter: a petite-bodied and BIG natural 34DDD Latina boober. Seriously, I would slap any man who didn’t find this lady worth ditching whatever “girlfriend” they currently have, even for just a taste!

  • Awww man! I’ve been meaning to post her for awhile now! I’m still gonna do it too lol

  • admin

    You still will and you still should! Why? because she has BIG boobs! loL!

  • Aroar

    because she has big boobs… and is simply drop dead gorgeous. But most importantly she has big boobs. LoL