A real model’s model (by my standards of course), Vaddess is short, thick, and stacked: 5’6″, 150lbs., and 34GGG-30-38 – by another measurement that’s 34I, so no matter how you spin it that’s a HiBoobs first! She doesn’t do topless in print, but she clearly uses her bosom to maximum effect (her chances of showing cleavage versus simply wearing a tight shirt are pretty good!). But ultimately, for me, it’s her age, her maturity, and her smile that sucker me in and make me want more, more, more:

My femininity expresses elements of class and sophistication paired with beauty, a great build, and a whole lot of personality. I’m considered a social butterfly who does not meet a stranger. Being a Southern Belle from South Carolina, there is a sincerity and warmth to my hospitable personality and my smile never wears out.