The one topic that no one is discussing regarding the death of Steve Jobs is his position on pornography and choice in the consumer market. I’m definitely not going to get into a thesis here, but if he was such a patron saint of technological progress, I just wanted to say Steve, So Long and Thanks for ALL the TITS! That’s right. His “easy to use” phone operating system usurped even the digital cameras of our day because it allowed sluts in their private quarters or public bathroom stalls to upload – instantly – their gaping cleavage, big bosoms, and uncovered knockers for all to see. These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg of course, and there are entire sites out there dedicated to self-shooters (who, to my amusement, have never learned to take a good photo by pointing the camera at themselves instead of the mirror – that shows how ‘smart’ or ‘intuitive’ your user base is!). Sure digital cameras will always be the preferred self-shooter medium. They simply take better photos, have better image stabilization, all those types of technical things. But honestly these mobile phones and iOS devices are about ‘technical things’ – they’re about consumption and in this case, the ability to instantly produce homemade pornography (a la Polaroid when it first came out, only now their images are instantly uploaded to the iCloud and downloaded to my devices for real-time satisfaction loL!!!!!):