“Stick your penis in my ear” I was once told. So I tried – I mean I’m always up for adventure, and I never like to turn the ladies down. It would up being more like ‘rub your penis around the outside of my ear’ because there was no way in hell I was actually going to fit inside her aural cavity! I tried though. Man that girl liked to get freaky: her favorite being when she lay on the bed on her back, her head off the edge of the bed, and I straddled her face and tea bagged her with my nuts, so that she was staring at my anus and my cock was pointing towards her tits over her chin, then I’d jack off while she massaged my balls with her tongue. WHOAH! I tell you that girl was freaky! I’m not saying Taylor Vixen here from Self Desire is anything like the sultry women I’ve been with, but if she is – and she’s got those natural Double-Ds too – then I am game!