Stumbled upon this video, which shows a not-so-huge-but-huge-for-her-stature Japanese lady and her big double-baps. The first 4+ minutes are just her walking around, which as one commenter noted she “walks like a zombie though” – it’s even slightly disturbing how bad she walks! Then there’s a bit of antics inside with her twisting side to side, and showing her ass-in-dress. Good stuff, looking for more. Have an oggle:

UPDATE: her name is Momo and in classic Japan-is-weird style her DVD wrapping reads, “We’ve Crossed The Limit! Her Miraculously Huge Tits Are Ultra Sensitive And Her Sexy Body Is Ready To Blow!” Ready to Blow? Anyhow. Her tits are 26M … wait, is that even … oh who cares they’re BIG and they’re NATURAL! Given her height and weight, they’re probably already down to her belly button!


DOUBLE-D UPDATE!: There’s another video of her with some tit-twiddling action too:

TRIPLE-D UPDATE: keep on fapping!!