Jinx is her name – I’ve been JINXXX’DDD!


Honestly when Jinx walked into the club with those two big boulders I began immediately bulging myself – my cock an erected lightning rod pointed directly at her two ginormous chesticles! It’s more than obvious she has a special pair, and they’re heavy & huge. But, I never thought this special.

Working her at the bar, then on the dance floor, she liked my style and my swagger, drinks all night, purchased for by what I told her was my big lens. Would you be interested to take some photos sometime? I could make you look real “pretty” – that gets ’em everytime.

(Just show me those baps already!)

She came over in a tight-fitting top and inspected the studio. She asked if it was OK that she took her shorts off for the shoot – who am I to complain? She wasn’t wearing any panties. (Who am I to complain?!?)

As she moved about the studio her chest wobbled back and forth. She bounced between the chair and chaise lounge, and then she mentioned something like, “I think I know what you want to see” and began to drop her top. She got a good 10 inches down her cleavage and even her areola were not yet visible:

This is when I knew I was in for a real treat - a titty treat!

This is when I knew I was in for a real treat – a titty treat!

Her breasts bulged up over the threshold of her bra and spilled out, flopping into the frame; they were staring back at me:


“Good god girl, remind me to thank your momma!” She laughed. She admitted she was hesitant to reveal her bosom because of the “awkward”ness of their shape, droop, and misalignment of her areola – I told her there was nothing to be ashamed of, and that they were fantastic!

I got that bulge again in my mid-section and it simply wouldn’t go away. We went the rest of the shoot with my groin throbbing, this substantial protuberance waiting – wanting – to be let loose. She would later wrap her hands and mouth around my self-titled “monster vein” and empty my sack of its fluid but not before I got off a few more shots. Remarkably, no matter which way she leaned, knelt, or sagged it appeared there was always at least one nipple pointed straight back at me, yearning for a good suckle.

I made her absolutely squeal that night!