I mean, wow. Where do I begin? Well, for starters it’s my extreme pleasure to present to you all, my first video fansign! It comes handmade by the legendary Lorna Morgan herself – testing out her Adobe skills, she sent word of this fansign… fanvideo… videosign… I’m at a loss for words! I mean I’m jaw-dropped and giddy with what she did for me! She really does love her fans and she shows it in a BIG – as in 30JJ natural – way with this video, and I can’t thank her enough!

Lorna is in my opinion the epitome of a great contemporary model – because she not only knows how to model, is absolutely gorgeous, and has a killer body, but she also understands the technologies of our time! She’s modeled for just about everyone over the years – Scoreland, PinupFiles, Danni’s Hard Drive, you name it. And she’s launched a string of model sites and now maintains herself her official members website. And best of all she’s extremely accessible and interacts with all her fans across a slew of social networks and media sites, including but not limited to her new YouTube channel (see above! loL!), her Twitter, her Facebook page, and her public forum – which is free to join and has great preview content for her member site and like I say, it’s really her!

She’s got a really great grasp on what fans want, and what she can deliver: a world-class unique look and approach, a super-sexy body with 30JJ natural breasts, and perhaps her greatest feature in my mind is her stunning smile! Her expressions are always genuine, and you can tell she really enjoys her body, her life, and she’s more sexy for it!

You can see everything I’ve written about Lorna at her tag – and Lorna thank you so much for this! It’s a really wonderful treat to hear you speak my name, my domain. I’m going to make this a sticky post for some time because I’m so thankful and ecstatic – rarely a braggart, I really want to show you off! And I hope to thank you in person some day – *smooches* ;)

  • Xan

    a legend indeed. i wish some of these other models would take notes from her with there career choices.

  • This is truly awesome. The video fansign thing was (is?) going to be the next trick up my sleeve lol. Plus Lorna is one of the reasons I subscribed to Score so she’ll always hold a certain place in my heart ;)