The triple-stacked (literally triple, at 36DDD) Sharon Pink makes an appearance at Anilos, a new website I stumbled upon that exclusively features Mature Women of Interest. Anilos is not a word per se but a trademark and a word that they’ve coined to describe the type of women they seek out: older, experienced, mature dildo-thrusters whom while aged beyond the standard mark of porn-acceptance still have great dignity in their bodies and can command and control play in the bedroom with skill.

Sharon definitely fits all of those parameters for me, although I place her on the lower end of the age scale (at 34) especially in comparison to Anilos’s other choice models. She’s amazingly slutty but has unfortunately only been on the popular circuit for a year now, which is surprising again given her forward nature and willingness to sexually please and perform. I really wish she was more-prominent and around for years before. Still, she’s making up for all that lost time with her eyes-rolling-back and dildo maneuvers which are well documented thanks to Anilos:






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  • I thought that was Kelly Madison for a sec.

  • admin

    hey, good call. didn’t see that till you said so.

    of course, the breasts look different ;)