Has anybody else noticed the recent update of Mellie D over at DDF Busty? Looky here:

Damnit you pervy pervs! Mellie D is more than just a pair of tits you know!

Here, let’s try that again:

Okay, that’s better. Although I guess it is hard to separate the tits from the woman. But speaking of the woman that is Mellie D, these days she is smokin’ hot! Fizzzzzzzowww!! I mean, she always was, I remember when this video caused a stir on her youtube channel and it just blew up, accruing multiple-thousand views a day – that was nearly two years ago now! Even then she had that sinister edge to her, and clearly enjoyed teasing us all! But nowadays, daaaaaaaaamn! I’m nearly speechless – all I can think of is to stretch out my letters like the goooooogle search engine. Sheeeesh!

ddfbusty ad

I can’t point to any one thing in particular. Of course the way she bites her lip sure gets my blood boiling!

And speaking of her youtube channels, yes channels, plural, she recently moved to her new channel under the moniker mellieD34h because youtube were immediately deleting new videos on her old channel and started deleting older ones – but does the new nickname indicate her tits grew from an already astounding 32G? Amaaaaaaazing!