Milky Maria from Big Tits Curvy Asses

Maria is a 21-year-old Latin mom-to-be, in the beginning of the second trimester of her pregnancy and as such her floppy all-natural 38F tits are milking! Which is quite an impressive chest measurement for someone whose breasts didn’t begin to develop until she was 18, only three years ago! In that time though she’s been busy: as well as the milking tits, you should see this girl give head (see video below), she’s visibly experienced! There’s lots of tongue action, including quick, rapid teasing of the glans, the head of the penis, and one of my favorite acts of oral sex to receive (probably only second to a good cup of the balls with a full deep-throat, with the lady’s nose pressed against my lower stomach – a sight to behold, and hear, “gag gag”!).

In this scene Maria introduces herself, then undresses and shows how fluid her tits really are, and proceeds to solo masturbate. After wetting herself up, she gets groped before squeezing some of her homemade milk onto some guys cock, then offers to suck it off – again, superb tongue action! General fucking follows including a sexual act I can’t say I’ve ever participated in, but which I find intriguing (pregnancy and milking seeming to be a recent highlight around this blog): while fucking Maria from behind, doggy-style, the performer grabs her right tit and squeezes some milk out of it onto her arm, which she then happily laps up.

But as I like to do around these parts, enjoy some moving images, in this case swaying, flopping, squeezing, milking tits!

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(I apologize for the quality of this video: the green line and the scan lines are my fault – they’re not in the original video. Only I didn’t have time to go back and do some re-encoding to fix the issue. I’ll work harder in the future to make sure this doesn’t happen.)