Among Don Mirra’s treasure trove of a tumblr you will find gems like Dakini. But you’ll also eye spy an amazing chocolate boober whose name I do not know – so thanks in advance if you do and leave a comment below. She’s got a super-wide smile and I can totally imagine lighting up her chin-grin sucking on those visibly heavy honkers of hers. I mean those Ds are big like WHOAH! What’s more is Don Mirra says if the final photo gets 500 reblogs he’ll share more of her, so if you have a tumblr do repost and let’s get some more of her online!

At this point you’re probably thinking what I was thinking: “I love your smile. Now SHOW ME THE TITS!!”


They’re so heavy!!

Goooooood lord who is she??

  • dude

    Monique Cooper