Here’s a freebie for ya – just sit back and watch Morena work her magic. If that’s really her name – she looks a lot like Sakura Sena but I haven’t heard or seen from her in years so who knows (the tattoos aren’t familiar). It’s a shame the audio is mis-synced, and the last 30 seconds seem to be corrupt, but you get the idea: she takes cock, she rides it, and then, best of all, she gets a big facial and loves to toy with cum. Enjoy!

  • James

    As you may or not may known the title is in Spanish. Tetona means ‘with big tits’ and morena means brunette so the people wich put title to the video didn’t mean to imply that her name was “Morena”. Just my two cents.

  • admin

    thanks for the tit-translation – I learn something everyday!

  • saru-kun

    This is Sakura Sena.

  • admin

    thanks saru-kun, I thought so but it’s been ages since I’ve seen her “perform”.