During my un-announced hiatus that began around this time some two months back (did you see my new ‘archives‘ area? there’s a bit of a gap from the end of June to early July), the incredibly stacked and incredibly proud-of-her-stack Ms Vinyl Meow finally secured her own domain, although ever since it’s simply been “under construction”. Now maybe some others of you out there knew about her other websites, but I just stumbled upon her other domains, and Amy Villainous. The latter is her personal makeup artist promo site, the former her forthcoming or already running but not so consistently updated shop and video blog. Neither of these should be confused with her VillainousGirl website.

Being the blogger and web-enthusiast that I am, I want to break some of this down and comment on it. There’s a lot one can do with the web: redirects, sub-domains, multiple databases running on one server, etc. I don’t expect Amy, Ms Vinyl Meow, to be incredibly adept with web technologies. I really don’t. She’s far too good of a model and a really skilled aesthetician/cosmetologist. But I am a little confused. Okay, the Amy Villainous website is a free thing hosted at wix, which is a free flash-based website builder. That makes sense that she would spend some time to make a nice-looking flash website to forward to her clients. My problem with that is flash is terrible for navigating (or indexing, for search) when an entire website is built with it – case in point navigate to page 3 of glamour then try to get back to view her Bio in one click; meanwhile, you’re constantly pressing the pause button on the music player that auto-plays with every page load. Then there’s the site, which has a couple video blogs (one below) posted to it, which is nice. It’s nice to hear her speak and see her move, even if it hasn’t been updated since America’s birthday. This website also suggests it will have some sort of “shop” but there’s nothing yet available. And like I say all of this is not to be confused with her other domain, which will – her fans suspect – host her for-sale content including picture sets, calendars, etc., sometime in the near future, hopefully.

But I guess I’m confused because, given my recent evaluation that Sophie Dee does social media good, I wish I could say the same for Ms Vinyl Meow but I just can’t. Not yet anyhow. Too many empty links or construction splash pages simply drive my clicks elsewhere. I guess I’m extra critical of Amy because I really want her to succeed! I really admire her work, and I’d love to see more of her bosom doing substantial work. And I would suspect Amy is paying for the web-work, which makes me think I should really get into the trade of building blogs and social media for emerging buxom models. This is what actually led me to establish my own blog: I was building a website for a single model, when the contract fell through, then I thought, “ahh fuck it, I’ll start my own blog!” I feel like I’ve done the medium justice, and I’d like to get more involved with actual clients.

So yeah, I guess I’m putting it out there. Ms Vinyl Meow, or any other model for that matter, if you’re interested and want to work together, drop me a line. My rates are negotiable and I have a serious understanding and commitment to blogging and social media. And I can show you how to become more popular, and increase your fan base. It takes time, but it works.

Meanwhile, enjoy the boobs:

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  • I hope somebody takes you up on the offer. After all, you’re my boob blog hero! If I had the skill set I’d certainly get into that game.

  • admin

    thanks for the support, Smoothie. I do hope someone takes me up just because it would be a fun challenge, and something different. Maybe I should make a “services” section here? hrmmmm.

  • some guy

    thanks man she is a goddess! She needs to show her tits more as that’s all we really care about :)

  • Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to find the info here. I have looked everywhere. Thanks again!

  • admin

    her website is pretty defunct. she posts blogs on her myspace but they’re pretty useless… oh well!