what does it mean!? It’s not a trick question. This is officially my 1,000th hand-written boob-tastic post! Congratulations to me! It took over two years but if I do my math that means at least a post a day, or around 1.3 to be more average-specific. I’m sure that’s nothing compared to other boob blogs, but I really take pride in what I do here. I write all my own posts by hand, I do a lot of tweaking my own media (jpegs and videos), and I wrote my own theme from scratch to handle the content that I wanted to deliver.

On that note, I’ll say I’m sure some of you have noticed some changes in this blog’s appearance lately (you RSS readers are oblivious, but that’s fine, you’re paying attention to the actual blog content and that is what matters most!). The change wasn’t all my choice to be honest. I simply out grew my previous webhost and had to strip a ton of the code out to even maintain a connection with the server. I hope in the past week+ you’ve all noticed improved performance, as I migrated hosts and are now paying a pretty penny just to keep this space up and running. Is it worth it? Are YOU worth it? YES. You betcha. I plan to do another code update in the coming weeks and months and hope to take advantage of my new-found computing resources. Yes, I’m a boob fetishist and a nerd! Potential ideas include that gif library I’ve been mentioning, more interviews (ladies get in touch!), more video, more embedded content, possibly even my own tube channel. Lots of ideas. Little time. Next to no money, I’m not a circle-jerk kind of programmer, so I really hope you just like this blog, and what I do.

A couple shout-outs are in order of course. You all probably already read this but if not I hope you see a spike in your incoming links. I’m talking about Smoothie Luv – this guy runs what I would run and does what I would do if I didn’t manage HiBoobs; in other words next to my own ego his site is the next best thing! Then there’s Scandy Factory – I think a lot of my early traffic came from this guy and his posts are horrific, gore-rific, and frequently boob-tastic! When I need my alt porn fix I turn to altporn.net – so should you (of course I’m trying to report more here because frankly alt-porn sluts are sluts! if you know what I mean!). Niklas from BoobieBlog – big ups man, you’re like the New York Times of boob blogs! the Savage Erotic Media blog is still one of the best “industry” or “insider” porn blogs I’ve stumbled upon – love the blend of porn news, behind the scenes, and random-shit rants! Other shout outs: Darius, where did you go?; JQ, are you still out there? and Boobster, BOOB ON! man I don’t know how you do it!

This blog has come a long way from the scrappy quickly-coded and sloppy-archived blog for the sake of blogging to what I would describe as an honest, fresh and often personal (albeit corporate and sponsor-driven) relationship to breast fetishism. In short, I love boobs. And there’s lots of boobs to enjoy on the net. And I want to share the best of what I find, and the best of other breast-related thoughts, with you. And I hope you enjoy my style, both visually and conceptually.

Will I boob-blog forever? Probably not, but I’ll never say never. Would I like to boob-blog for a really long time? You better fucking believe it! Again I’m planning for a redesign soon and hopefully I can serve up more breasts per day in the coming months and years. There isn’t enough time in the day to do this and live my own life (chasing the big ones). For now, when you see them, say, “Hi Boobs!”

  • Congrats man

  • I just wanted to express the fact that its my opinion that you have the best boob blog OF ALL TIME *kanye shrug*

    Your presentation is killer. You have a larger variety of content than most. In short, you are my hero lol

  • admin

    haha thanks Smoothie. nice Kanye shrug. I almost forgot his shrugs are as much a language as the words he SHOUTS out! loL!

  • Ryan

    Congrats brother! Keep up the good work and know that it’s appreciated from us hard core fans!

  • admin

    thanks Ryan you’ve been a top-notch commenter, I appreciate knowing you’re reading my blog!