I can’t believe this. And by “this” I mean a couple of things. 1, I can’t believe it took me this long to round up a single solitary fansign. I’ve been thinking of this for months, nay, over a year (has my blog already been around for a year and a half? sheesh!). 2, while preparing my mental musings, contemplating what to write, expecting to embed a link to Cali Diva’s blog, I realized I didn’t even have her link in my blogroll! Shame on me. 3, as if the blogroll blunder wasn’t enough, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about Cali Diva before. I was certain I had, but trolling my own archives revealed I hadn’t. Leave it up to a gracious model like her to show me how it’s done. Well, it’s all been taken care of. Cali’s in my links lists now, she’s definitely got my seal of approval! Additionally, I promise to give her (and any other big boob fansign model out there for that matter) more coverage on this here blog. And best of all she solved my dilemma of lack-of-fansign… now I’ll have more pictures to clog up my sidebars with!

And of course, to give you another idea of exactly what she’s working with, yes I’m captivated by her smile and that twinkle in her eyes, but I’m a hands-on kind of fella, and my hands have other plans:


Good lord she’s got what I want.

Be sure to say Hi Boobs to Cali Diva for me, at her blog or also follow her on Twitter.

  • The first one is always the hardest lol

  • Wow…I just found out she’s quitting. She is awesome, though.

  • admin

    yeah, sad. Not so much quitting as putting on the back burner. Hopefully she’ll still be doing some cam work and keeping in touch with fans, should she ever decide to take another dip in our pervy pool!

  • some guy

    nice pic grats sir! She should hook you up with a free tit fuck!