Every now and then I just need to look at an almost un-natural, enhanced, super-hyper-fetishized body. Almost doll-like in many ways. It’s something that reminds me about the mostly-natural women I encounter, reminds me that there are alternatives out there, and that boob and other fetishisms have many manifestations and likenesses. Susan Wayland is a wonderful fetish model to look at when I need to satisfy those urges: the rubbery, stretched, clean-cut and slick-looking idealized urges. She only has one body, but her outfits always manage to emphasize or accentuate one particular element or make me think about how I’d approach and treat a body as hard-chiseled and fit as hers. And yet she’s clearly got her slutty side, and I’d love, absolutely love, to get to experience what she’s capable of behind closed doors: