I love amateur pornography. I simply love it. Sure I love looking at and in particular watching a highly stylized video involving baby oil, some cleavage fisting, and a dedicated tit-and-tug, but I also really really love looking at very simple but very artful photography of amateur models, especially ones with big honking tits and giant areola.

Venture over to New Nude City, a site that uses the isle of Manhattan in New York City as a scouting zone for amateur models willing to bear all for cash. I guess in a city of many many millions, where women number more than 50% of the population, you’re bound to have an almost endless stream of women talent who are comfortable in front of the lens. Also with the rent there as expensive as they say it is, these models have to pay the bills too you know!

  • T Man

    I hear you! She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Francesco

    che ciucciataa….belle pere!!

  • admin

    @Francesco, I couldn’t agree more.