Every country has a unique take on the candid camera phenomenon. In Israel in the 1980s the king of prank clips was Yehuda Barkan. His 1984 film ‘The Big Tease: Here Comes Another One‘ set a new standard then that one could say 32 years later has yet to be eclipsed – not because of the size of the boob exposed, but because the lady with the boob wasn’t in on the gag (unlike those Russian ‘topless’ pranks or Kentucky Fried Movie tits). I mean her breasts are each literally the size of a full-grown pomelo fruit!!


The ‘melons’ analogy always seems tongue-in-cheek, until it isn’t!!

And in a movie just-under 2 hours, her clip, this moment, was so incredible that of course she made the cover ;)


Oh right, context. I keep forgetting context and just focusing on the TITS!

So the context is a setup – it’s a prank movie of course. They’re casting ladies for a fake pomelo fruit commercial and need them to audition by showing their breasts. They hunt and hunt and hunt until they finally come upon Pomelo Girl, whom they suspect is “just right for the part” – you have got to be kidding me. They find her in a park, and then dodge back to a secluded area between some trees and sure enough, she zips down her jacket and – not wearing a bra or even a shirt underneath – she’s got a good G-cup sized melon awaiting a size comparison with an actual melon.


(And this was 1984!)

OK now you want to see the clip no doubt. You wanna see those giant knockers wobble – I get it!

There’s a bit of context here, too. It seems nearly impossible to find the uncensored version of the clip in English. Draco has a version of the clip online which is censored – but it’s in English (overdubbed the original Hebrew that is) if you want to hear the transcript. Basically, “Show me your tits!” “What, here? Really?” “Yes, here I’ll help you. THAT SURE IS BIG!!” Remarkable:

But that’s just not good enough – I want to see that tit!! Of course Daily Motion used to have a couple versions of the clip online but ever since that site went censor-south it’s been dead link after dead link, and they’re all gone now. So you have to keep hunting.

Unclear why, but there’s a version of the VHS cover (just the cover?) for sale on Amazon Germany.

But there has got to be more – there has got to be!! And sure enough, there is an uncensored version of the clip on bigtittytube. I won’t embed it because their player only autoplays and I don’t want that for your viewing experience. Unfortunately you’ll also notice there’s some strange video compression at 1:03 in the clip – but you can view it online here.

Then, and I cannot believe this is possible, I stumbled upon the entire full movie – yes, the entire movie – but it’s in Russian. But it shows the entire Pomelo clip, including the lead-up to the boobtastic boober Pomelo Girl, starting at 1:03:06. And the best part? They’re all in on it:

Tits so BIG she can’t even squeeze them through their cut-out tree holes, and have to file out the holes even bigger for her natural melons:



Now, I realize this clip was released 32 years ago, but, where is she now? ;)