Looking through Sandr’s photostream it’s hard to distinguish the real from the slightly changed-real from the outright un-real, but the more you look at his work you realize he’s touched up his shots and perhaps more importantly morphed many of them. Some of the ladies definitely actually have ample bosoms, but he bulges them up and has a penchant for engorging their nipples and giving them a sort of gravity-defying heft. I’m not ultimately a big ‘morph’ fan, but I do admire his overall texture, locations, and settings – there’s a real artistry in these shots that most morphs simply don’t do. Of course many of his other images, the bulk of his photostream in fact, are non-morphs, which makes the morphs all the more curious.

This particular model is a favorite of his:

as part of nature

You can see here there’s some definite enlargement going on:

small performance

But she also seems to have a natural big-hang to her breasts:

Finally, warm and sunny

This looks about as ‘real’ as real can get with his images:

Almost summer finally ...

Especially compared to this un-realness:

Moonlight Serenade

Some of his morphs are much more pronounced, such as in these two sequential shots:

romantic mood
lust temptation

And finally a bunch of other shots to admire:

sunny autumn
Quiet summer evening 2
Inside comfort
Somewhere on the mountain pass ...
Naked on the couch
The geometry of passion ...