Check out these awesome shots of Shay Maria by The Hundreds, where she also answered some questions for an interview to accompany this awesome photoshoot. Long-time readers might recall I first stumbled upon Shay during one of my “Friday Finds” requests blogs – thanks to the user who came through and enlightened me, because this babe deserves so much attention. She’s got a great repertoire and portfolio of clients – my only argument is on her Model Mayhem profile she lists her bust as 0″ with a bra size of C-cup. I think it’s pretty obvious she’s a solid D, with a 36″ bust, so let’s just get that out of the way – anybody think otherwise?

and for readers who scrolled down this far check out this 8+ minute video by Primitive showcasing some work that Shay Maria (and also Brenda Lynn) did for them: