She’s Like the Girl-Next-Door Whose Boobs Get Bigger Each Day


Kylie for Zishy reminds me of an old neighbor of mine – we’ll call her Carla, yes with a C – who I literally lived next to (girl next door!) for two years and went from a good sized D to a full-sized F-cup in that time – life was good peering out from the kitchen window in the Summer when she was poolside!

Introducing Kylie Page. She is an incredible young woman who attracts attention like no other. I felt like I was with a celebrity the way we were turning heads. This skirt is part of an actual European schoolgirl uniform that I picked up during my travels. I think the U.S. can learn a thing or two here. It is not even for a private academy. This is the type of thing girls are wearing to public school! Le sigh. You will see more of the complete outfit in the future. It includes a tie and matching shoes. But even sooner, you will see Kylie Page in the second part of this update–with a bonus video. The last shot is a taste of what is to come. God Bless.

I love this part of the set, where she’s like, “Oh, were you glancing at these pillowbags?”

and there’s a second part to this series, where things get a little more, shall we say, risque ;)