I’m not talking about marriage here folks!

I’m talking about good ol’ fashion fucking! Or as my English cousins put it so much more gracefully, fancy a shag? That cheeky expression is also the title of Simone’s most-recent scene over at Hot Sexy Plumpers. You may remember Simone and her whopping 34Js from back in March when this blog was not even one month old! (holy smokes have I been blogging about breasts for nearly a year now!?) Back then I regarded Simone as ‘plumper perfection’ and she’s proving why that still holds true. If you like your women big, with massive thighs and big bubble butts who absolutely love to throw their weight around and hear the smacking of skin-on-skin during a good shag, who like their ass to get spanked and love a good tit-wank, and who simply can’t get enough of a good cock morsel, then seriously, check this out:

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Good god this girl knows how to fuck! Sorry, I simply can’t say sh*g after seeing that! But if you were to ask me Simone, sure, I fancy!!