A fan snapped this shot of Big (Fake) Titty Southern MILF Claudia Marie at the 2011 XBIZ adult awards, and then in the same minute I stumbled upon this music video sung by said big fake boober. She’s actually pretty darned good – her voice is totally different when it’s being projected into a microphone, as opposed to being filled with cock, or rather saying it wants to be filled with cock! loL! Either way her bigger-than-life big fake titties are always a pleasure to imagine – I only wish I could bounce around town with those big hooters one day, I can only imagine how much fun she must be!

  • I personally preferred when she had natural breasts, but she is lovely in that pink dress. So huge tits!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree au natural was the way to go… but I still like to watch ;)