I still cringe ever so slightly everytime I say Sheyla’s surname: Hershey. It just doesn’t ring well. Not as well as Almeida in my opinion, her formerly-known-as nomenclature.


Sheyla Hershey in the news

Those tits are impressive.

NBC’s New York Around Town originally made the report. The NBC reporter Elizabeth claims an 8-month old article at rival ABC’s domain inspired her to write about Sheyla and also weaves a link to a Daily Star (UK) article published at the end of last week. I think Elizabeth might have a better repository of boob knowledge in her head than this author! I wonder what her bosses think of her? Her article is the most-commented with 654 replies in less than 24 hours, and include witty commentary such as “I would like to moterboat thoes tatters” and “i’d have to buy baby oil wholesale if she was my woman” – ! The next most-popular article has 44 replies.

Are boobs that popular in the mainstream media, really? Eh. Go leave you own comment, perv!

As for world records however, no one beats Maxi Mounds!

  • Tam

    re:NBC article, if a woman doesn’t know more than us about tits, who does?

  • admin

    I agree – I meant she was more aware of mainstream boob news than I!