While trolling through the attic-found archives of vintage Homemade Junk I spotted these boobers – note the picture above, that’s Kitten Natividad in the middle, sandwiched between two smaller but still-significant boobers. I’ve never seen that scene before, so if anybody wants to shed light on where and when that was, please enlighten us! I’d love to see a now-and-then with these ladies, and even though this photo might be as old as I am (hard to tell really), I’d probably still be willing to dive in and sample all three pussies – what can I say I’m a horny bastard!

  • Rodimus48prime

    All I know is that this was done sometime in the early 1980’s                   On Kitten Natividads right is Keli Stewart and to her left could be Kay Parker…

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the tip!