Gotta love some cosplay boobs! I wasn’t even aware that WonderCon happened, in California of course, when some wonderful videos started emerging of this uber-geek convention – and the thing to love about uber-geeks is when it comes to boobs, they ain’t shy! Check out the two babes above, especially, and if anybody has word on who that blondy with the microphone is, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her videos! The original video these screens were grabbed from is below. Enjoy… DORK!

  • Aroar

    I love girls that go all out when it comes to cosplay.

    FYI: Zeneoscope Comics has a “girl of the month” type of contest where the top girl gets a free ticket to Comic Con.

    PS: Zeneoscope is known for their very busty adaptations of the Grimm Fairy Tales.

  • admin

    thanks Aroar – a very detailed breakdown of cosplay sources!