Stella’s recent pictorial over at XX-Cel proves herself as the textbook definition of the term ‘slim-n-stacked’. In fact, it’s pretty amazing to discover what she’s hiding beneath her dress, which really doesn’t reveal much (see below). Then, suddenly, she plops those tits out and they’re absolutely huge and hangerific! With her thin waist and long legs, you’d almost think tits that size are impossible to grow on a frame like hers. But she does it, and proves it – especially that ‘bug eye’ bottomview, below – WOW I just wanna bury my face deep in her pussy and anchor my hands on those two heavy honkers of hers! Also, this is Stella in a superb ‘girl-next-door’ kind of look – see her here for a more glam-model style approach – she’s fuckable both ways!