No nipples to see here folks, so you’ll have to use your imaginations. Me, I have a wild one, so I don’t mind. This week’s installment of Sunday Smorgasbord of Boobs presents some hefty pairs of bikini or bra-clad asian whoppers. The asian boobies you see here in fact are all of Japanese origin. It’s no myth that in recent years and decades that asian breasts have become increasingly bigger. Me, I’m definitely not complaining. I’ve been with dozens of Asian women and the ones with big boobs have all been absolutely memorable! They’re so unique, so distinct, and their personalities know that they’re a new breed in their culture, so sometimes they’re uncertain what to do with their boobs, and they like it when I show them! Like I said, use your imagination! Enjoy.

  • moop

    Nothing better than big asian boobs, too bad the number of gravure models that actually do hardcore is close or equal to 0.

  • admin

    I think I know what you mean by “0”. I wouldn’t be that harsh personally.