My apologies for this last-hour installment of Sunday Smorgasbord of Boobs. I’m quite busy these days, so if you knew what I am currently going through you would know that simply writing this is time that should be spent elsewhere. I’m going to do my best in the coming days to not drop my posting routine, but I could very well fall shy of your and my booberful expectations. For now however, enjoy these cleavage canyon self-shooters! Thank the lord for digital cameras, eh!? Typically younger and typically scoured from social media sites, these are your real average ordinary girls-next-door who happen to have big juggs and probably wonder themselves as much as we do what their cleavage looks like from above. It just so happened that I got ahold of these particular photos! Some girls even make names for themselves because of their self-shots, a couple of these ladies I’d like to meet, but all of them I’d plug even if I didn’t know their names!

  • Ryan

    I do love the self-shots!