Superspies with SUPERBOOBS: @CodenameDiablo the MOVIE with @marymadisonxxx @Lilly4k & Martina Big

It’s like supersized Russ Meyer with 60+ lbs of tits! It’s like Charlie’s Angels with more cleavage than I can slurp! It’s an action thriller that requires its own Bra Department for cinematography! (On second thought I’m not sure these women ever wear bras loL!) It’s Codename Diablo!!

CODENAME DIABLO! is an American Russ Meyeresque, Girls with Guns, Action Comedy movie with a 60s spy spoof and Charlie’s Angels twist
From the fun, anything goes and glamourous West coast of America that is Los Angeles comes new Action Comedy
Many describe the film’s creator, writer and producer Dre-YS as “the Russ Meyer of the 21st century”, with his movies talked about as the best summertime grind house flicks since “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!” and like “James Bond’s Thunderball on steroids.”
This time with CODENAME DIABLO! we have a film that is even more of a crazy secret agent ,gadget filled,bullets and bombs, 60s spy spoof of a rollercoaster action comedy that sees our 3 heroines played by Lilly 4K, Mary Madison Love and Martina Big as simply the most BUXOTIC ,yet lethal trio of female super spies EVER assembled.!!

Check out these pictures from the UK Premiere party: