Taylor Stevens, the webcam model extraordinaire venerated for her all-natural 36HH breasts, generally outward positive demeanor and establishment of a high standard in modeling big breasts for webcam enthusiasts, will be online later tonight, in a couple hours in fact, at her iFriends webcam channel.

Perhaps most-intriguingly, she promises to have her tummy full of wine, a friend of hers recently introducing her to a bottle of white zinfandel (not my wine of choice, but still, it’s a start), and Taylor promising to take the plunge! As if her webcam sessions aren’t already full of cheer and bouncing movements of every bodily appendage, one can only imagine what a bottle of wine will do to this girl! No doubt the chatroom will be full of LOLs and smiley emoticons!

Taylor several years back. In recent years she’s lost a fair amount of weight (see below) which has also led to a smaller overall cup size, but being more-fit, she also seems more upbeat, and that might be more attractive than the difference between GG and HH tits, eh?

Who cares! “Show me the tits” they howl!