I don’t actually know where to go for boob news, but I hear things and it sometimes sticks. One recent rumor is that Terry Nova is retired, or retiring, or simply vanishing from the business slowly but surely. Rumors be damned, then that means this scene from Natural Wonders of the World might be one of her last – again, I’m not keeping track of her timeline, it’s more about when I find out what’s available, and this scene is pretty pants-off spectacular! Either way time to reflect on Terry Nova’s almost alien-like 36H honkers – to think it all started with an innocent chair-casting video; and even after all these years I still consider her YoungBusty episode to be one of her best; which she reprised years later with a much-improved oh-face!; although I’m still yearning to find out where this clip is from; and of course, when in doubt, turn to her namesake sight for some of her most-heavy-looking tits!