in case you missed it, this is the ad that ABC refused to air because the model displayed “too much” cleavage. Also, she’s kind of big around the waist and hips – so it’s unclear if it’s really about issues of cleavage or perceptions of beauty and how most models are just walking twigs. Personally I think this lady is HOT:

  • Rocky

    That lady is SUPER HOT!! Now that’s what I call a real woman; not those size 0 anorexic girls that popular culture says everyone should look like.

    My only issue with the commercial is that she’s walking out of her house to meet someone for lunch dressed only in her underthings and a coat! I could see THAT sending the wrong message, but her figure has nothing to do with it.

  • admin

    you’d think it would have been easier for them to pin it on the lunchtime-quickie message the ad would send to viewers, but no they clearly said “[too much] cleavage” – like, WHAT!?

  • This’s woman should be the template for what models should be. Her body is what women use to strive to have before the modern day view changed. I don’t know why guys think that models with the bodies of 12 year old boys are hot and this is too much.

    I hope the hiboobs admin can find out more info about this lady and post some more pics.

  • Ryan

    I think she is super fucking hot. If I was 13 years old, I’d be beating off to this.

  • admin

    @Pope, I’ll do my best!