Anorei Collins is an incredible creature isn’t she? What I really love about her work is she does the role-playing thing like so few others, whether she’s assuming the role of Santa’s big boob helper, tit-bottle opener, or in this case a nun of the Church of the Holy Hangers. Granted, she assumes these roles with an almost exaggerated presence, thanks to her ginormous 40LL natural breasts, but she sees her role through to the end. In this recent photo set and video for Big Tits Glamour, at first it’s unclear what to expect. The nature of a nun’s outfit, and it’s black fabric, hide the overwhelming size of her bosom. But a passage in the good book convinces this mammary savior to drop her top and let her pendulous hangers breathe! At that point the white of her skin, and the size of her breasts, contrasts nicely with her outfit and her surroundings. She shows how to hide even a sizable cross in her cleavage, and again thanks to her outfit her breasts appear to take shape and perform movements never before seen!

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