I don’t know her name, so let’s call her Piersi ;) She’s plump, she’s beautiful, and she’s a lingerie model! This MILF reminds me of my third fuck, of what she might have grown up to look like. I mean its been 25 or so years since that faithful night, but she too was of pure Polish decent and the same round cheeks and soft lips smile. Oh and tits – Double-Ds and she was only … well it was years ago ;) But this lady, for her size and stature, is beyond compare – and that she voluntarily tries on lingerie for your and my enjoyment is stellar.

Now this is interesting, because some shots of her appear much much thinner, even younger – it’s definitely her, same belly button piercing, but for a second I thought it might be her daughter ;) Look:


But yeah, I definitely like her when she’s plumpalicious ;) This is just the right size and all-around-shape – like whoah!