Bree is the name for some Chicago-based club-slut who doesn’t actually have a huge pair of breasts, but always manages to produce some cleavage, and is more than willing to share it with the world! So I’m passing along the sentiment here. I realize I haven’t been exhibiting enough of the random boobage, so I’m going to make that my upcoming New Year’s resolution to step up my game. There are some nudie pics of Bree out there which really confirm her non-large breasts, 36C is where I put her, but for now enjoy these club and semi-pro modeling shots:


  • Jester

    There are more pictures out there? Where? What´s her full name?

  • admin

    hey Jester, this is all I have of her – found a folder in my archives, sorry I don’t have any leads. If I find anything more, I’ll post here and let you know!

  • Jester

    Thanks man. Awesome find!