Desiree-Elyda Villalobos is another model doing good with social media, and making her impact according to her rules, on her time – and its working! Honestly I feel a little embarrassed, like I wasn’t paying attention or something. Desiree broke through some time back, for most of us we first heard about her after her PinupFiles debut (see pictures below). Another model not doing topless in an overcrowded sea of fully exposed big bosoms, Desiree’s moment was just a splash. But as time goes on its clear she’s making waves! I for one definitely want to go for a ride!

She’s connected, and developing her image and persona in a smart and thoughtful manner, slowly but surely connecting with her true fans. Thus her “pinup” work was just the beginning. She’s smart enough to keep a tumblr, clever enough to maintain her own YouTube channel, and of course is always looking for new work via her Model Mayhem profile. And most notably she was even recently interviewed by Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket, and that Q&A really starts to reveal a bit of who she is, and what she wants in life. Not to mention of course the obvious, her Twitter and Facebook page as tools to stay connected with. She’s smart. And beautiful. And sexy. I’d love a conversation, among other things.