I don’t follow my TV or on-screen celebrity personalities that much – mostly because there aren’t enough TITS out there! But Patricia Betancourt caught my eye and she does pop up in my feeds routinely – not to mention she reminds me of this French-Italian dame I once banged for a good few weeks in the late 2000s (she was probably a good foot shorter but still stacked with Ds so all the more stacked looking for her frame size – and boy was she talented, to the point where she’d contort her body and almost gymnastically move around on top of me, all the while never dismounting my cock – she had talent, and a LOT of practice to perform those maneuvers!! But I digress – enjoy Betancourt’s big natural Ds!).

Additionally someone ran a successful peek-a-boob on one of her sheer semi-see-through tops, which came out pretty successful – you can see she has smaller, perky upright nipples ;)

And lastly here are some quick clips she stars in for further viewing-in-action:

or here’s a ‘list’ someone made of various clips (various tops) of Patricia: