From as best I can tell zaxpix was a nudist. A tall black dude with a bickus dickus who dabbled as an amateur photographer. His shots were grainy, reminiscent of analog film from a bygone era, but was still uploading until recently – then suddenly his account went dark and his shots gone. SAD! Here are some I managed to save – he had many ladies but you’ll notice these shots have an emphasis on TITS! ;)

This lady never dropped her arms to show those jubblies of hers, but I watched her for a while, wishing, hoping:

Love this trailer park honey, sultry as fuck:

This braided boober reminds me of a thinner Honey Moons:

If there’s more of this lady out there I’d love to see her:

This honey only made a couple appearances – I’d love to rail those superfirm tits:

And lastly a gallery of what zaxpix specialized in: random, everyday ordinary ladies:

Download 96 images in one TitsZip™: