While I’ve never blogged about Francine Dee before, I know this is clearly my loss. Her HiBoobs-first 38E breasts, combined with her Filipino-Chinese genealogy, and her aura of sexual voraciousness, make her a truly stand-out figure in the arena of boobs, and easily one of the top enhanced Asian boobers of all time. And since her website has been online for over a decade, you understand that she’s amassed quite literally thousands upon thousands of images and videos for your consumption. I mean it rivals most network sites, and she’s just one girl. One girl who oozes sexual energy and so the work simply flows. This time around it’s her foreplay techniques that have my head spinning! I love a good session of foreplay, and dry humping and skin friction. Of course I’ll always want more, more satisfaction that is, but sometimes the right does of foreplay does wonders to build sexual tension to be released later. And Francine Dee has all the right moves and expressions!