If you thought the youtube video fansign was hot, wait until you see this! And I’m also not talking about the fansign proper above – which is also HOT! thanks again Lorna! – but then she sent me a special link to a very special video, which is what you would have seen had she not cut the youtube video short! That’s right, a topless video of Lorna and her 30JJ natural breasts, exclusively for me and you HiBoobs readers! Top of the morning indeed – I only wish I could wake up to her bountiful bosom and beautiful smile! Someday!

  • CFM

    Just about the sexiest Mummy in the world – not enough material out there featuring this beautiful woman. God bless you Lorna xx

  • Lorna is a real treat, she is a super babe and great woman. Love her to bits, cheers!!!